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    Forum Rules and Guidelines Empty Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Post  Lonny Juce on Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:12 pm

    The following rules apply in any area of these Bleach: Las Horizon Forums, unless otherwise specifically noted in that area:

    1.) No Spamming. Simply put, don't post anything that doesn't pertain to the topic, section, etc, or that has no point in general. This is a smaller offense, but just try to keep things non-spammy. Trolling also falls under this category.

    2.) No Advertising. No posting links to outside games or any place else with intent to steal players or population from this game and bring them there.

    3.) No Flaming. You don't have to like each other but you will respect each other or else your ability to voice your opinion will just be taken away completely. (Indirect flaming, instigating fights, and other stupidity also counts, up to interpretation by admins.)

    4.) Do not double post. Don't post twice in a row, that is what the edit button is for. In the case of you wanting to BUMP up your topic with another post, you may only do so after 48 hours and only if the section rules do not specifically restrict it (Such as the ban section).

    5.) Do not create multiple of the same topic. If your last one was ignored it was because no one saw it or because it was just stupid. You can BUMP it if it is within rules, otherwise yeah.

    6.) Nothing overly obscene, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive or profane (up to interpretation by admins). This includes in your posts, your signature (The text AND image there), avatar, user title, user name, and anywhere else where it may apply.

    7.) Do not make topics that constantly question the status of wipes, the status of the server being up or down at said time, the status of additional (PvP or otherwise) servers, and other subjects that may be deemed redundant and/or useless.

    8.) Regarding the Creative Sections (Writing and GFX) and also your signatures and avatars - Do not use anything you do not have permission to use. Do not post anything claiming to be its maker if you are not the original maker. If you rip icons, a sig/tag, writing, or any other form of work it will be considered plagiarizing and you can and will be banned for it.

    9.) Respect the moderators here when they respond to your topics or posts. They are taking time out of their life to respond to you and have no obligation to do so, so be thankful for that.

    10.) Don't create and/or add onto drama. What is drama defined as? Whatever the admins consider at the time, so just save yourself some time and don't cause trouble in the first place.

    The forum/game admins have full discretion in interpreting the rules and in deciding a punishment, but breaking the rules may result in one or more of the following:

    • You may receive a warning
    • Your post(s) and/or thread(s) may be ignored, moved, locked or deleted.
    • Your posting privileges may be suspended for a period time or indefinitely banned (via username, email or IP).
    • Other forum privileges (Other than posting, such as signature or avatar, user title, username) may be taken away or edited in a way seen to be fit.

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