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    In-Game Rules and Guidelines

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    In-Game Rules and Guidelines Empty In-Game Rules and Guidelines

    Post  Lonny Juce on Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:14 pm

    OOC Rules:

    • Don't talk on your key. Log in or you're obviously not here to play.
    • Avoid using excessive capital letters (such as a full sentence of caps.)
    • Swearing and joking is always fine, but don't be overly obscene, there are younger kids that play the game. (This includes no posting of mature/porn/any other links that are obscene.)
    • No trolling. Pretty straightforward, if you're just here to screw around get the heck out.
    • No Spamming of any kind on OOC, Say or RP. (This includes posting entirely stupid/pointless messages, or posting things multiple times.)
    • No Advertising on OOC, Say or RP. (Don't post links to any other byond game or website unless approved by Axerob or other authority.)
    • No flaming on OOC, Say or RP. (This includes blatant verbal abuse, name-calling, harassment, anything of the sort.)
    • No racism of any kind anywhere on the game (This can be anywhere from saying the "N-word" to "blaming all the Jews" or anything that could be considered offensive to any race, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, etc.)
    • Use general common sense - Don't ask for stupid things from GMs, such as GM, edits, or something entirely pointless.
    • The GMs take the time out of their day to try to help you, they don't -have- to do anything. You don't have to like the GMs, but you will respect them.
    • If you were muted or banned don't log on an alt to avoid or to ask for an unban.
    • No trading keys or characters.
    • No spam or spawn killing. (For instance standing outside the hospital and killing the same person as they walk outside every time, or standing near any other spawn to repeatedly kill someone.)
    • If an admin is helping someone in an area, don't attack them or the person they're trying to help.
    • Don't AFK train or EZ macro or anything that could be considered unattentive training.

    Role Playing Rules (Do not apply on PvP server):

    • You must have a role playing name. This is a name that could be used in real life by a person but isn't already taken by a real life person, or from an anime, show, or other form of media. You don't have to have a last name, but if two people have the same generic type of name (Such as two people named Erik) Both of them will need a last name. You also cannot have any numbers in the name or any phrases that wouldn't be considered a name. Example of a non-RP name: Grimmjoww446 or AmySwineFlu. Example of an acceptable RP name: MacDeleuze, Thisere or Kotaro Aizawa. (Notice that you may or may not have the comma, depending on what you want.)
    • You don't have to role play everything you do, but it is highly suggested that you role play as much as possible with as much detail as possible. This also means that you cannot attack anyone without role playing first (and having an In Character reason to do so). As well as anything else involving interaction with other characters.
    • No Metagaming or any other form of OOC/IC abuse. OOC (or Out of Character) and IC (In character) are two separate channels and should remain as such. With that said, don't use OOC methods to spread IC facts nor should you use OOC facts to benefit you ICly. The main example is the saying of figures' identities in OOC which is absolutely forbidden.
    • No "god-modding." This simply means do not overexaggerate your powers or do cheap role plays to over power your opponent or give you the upper hand. You can't do anything that would not give them a chance to respond or that would automatically decide their fate for them without giving them a chance.
    • Play your part of the story. Not everyone should be hero or the major villian. For example, if you're a shinigami, FOLLOW THE CAPTAINS. If you're a Captain, order the shinigami, give them missions. You send them to earth FOR you, you don't go yourself every time you feel like it. Similar policies go for the other races as well, just use common sense.
    • Sort of add-on to the last rule. Don't go off and kill everyone. Don't act like some Zaraki crazy ownage guy, it's pretty lame, unoriginal and just stupid. Even if you do defeat a person in a verb fight just leave them there for dead, or if you absolutely must, injure them, but don't always IC kill them, it's stupid.
    • When you get into an IC altercation in which both players would want to fight, the DEFAULT method is through verbing. ONLY if BOTH players want to Role Play the entire fight may you do so. In a verb fight both players Role play their opening attack or stance or whatever and then the verbing commences. If one player stops, you stop also. This means if they stop and want to role play again, you must also (This is the chance to release/bankai/run/whatever). Other than that the fight goes on until one person is knocked out or runs away. Once that happens more role playing ensues. The winner of the verb fight may choose to leave/release, injure or ICly kill the individual (Capturing becomes complicated but it is possible in some cases).
    • In the case that a figure (and figures only) absolutely couldn't escape or avoid being defeated, they are allowed 1 Death Avoid, period. This death avoid may be used in their territory or earth, but is not eligible in enemy territories.
    • In the case that you do get defeated and the opponent wants to ICly kill you, you'll get the choice of becoming either a plain human or a plain soul and your techniques list will be wiped. You will also have to change your name, unless you were a human already then you may just become a soul with the same name.
    • No one aside from the Urahara, Shinji and Aizen figures (and their helpers if they have them [they must be approved by an admin]) may betray Soul Society or any other respected factions, no debate about it.
    • Raids - In the case of a raid of Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, there must be 4 or more people. After that, the entrance and interaction must be role played, but after which the raid is completely PvP. As such, you don't need to RP using release nor do you have to RP killing them, but the deaths do not count as IC. After the fighting is over, the raid ends and it will be pretty clear who won or lost and then everyone goes back to their respective home worlds. Also, no one killed in a raid may return to the raid to fight again until it is over.

    Note: The Admins have the full right to interpret and add onto these rules in any way, shape, or form that would be considered fair by the other admins or the owner. They may also give out punishments as they see fit, though a general three-strike basis is usually the policy.

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