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    Ban Topic Rules, READ.

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    Ban Topic Rules, READ. Empty Ban Topic Rules, READ.

    Post  Lonny Juce on Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:59 pm

    When posting a topic in this forum, requesting an unban, you must post in the following format:

    In-Game Name:
    BYOND Key:
    Time/Date of Ban:
    Who banned you:
    Reason for being banned: (Saying you were banned for no reason will result in your topic being locked or deleted.)
    Legitimate reasoning why you should be unbanned:
    Additional Comments: (If needed.)

    Failure to post in this format will result in your thread being ignored, locked or deleted.

    Other Rules for Posting in the Bans Section
    1.) Unless you are the poster of the topic, DO NOT post in their topic with random crap or your posts will be deleted and you will be warned. Only admins are allowed to respond. (In cases of a person having been involved with the situation at hand, they may post but only if they have something directly relating to and regarding the ban situation.)
    2.) Do not BUMP your topic. Someone will get to it when possible, and if they don't it is probably because the ban was legitimate and you'll just be unbanned whenever your punishment is up.
    3.) Do not make more than one topic.
    4.) Do not PM an admin about your ban, or otherwise message them about it on an application such as MSN or AIM. They will get to it here.
    5.) This is not for you to complain about your ban or about that GM, this is for you to explain why you were banned and why you should be unbanned. If you have specific complaints about behavior do it in the complaints section.

    Again, failure to abide by these rules and guidelines will result in your topic being ignored, locked, deleted, or possibly loss of your posting privileges. They are here to save time and keep things organize, if you don't respect that then get out.

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