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    Little edit from Kie here and just for a general summary of DOs and DONTs for the players in role play:

    This is a role playing which means that you have to role play out all your actions. Some of the Dos and Don'ts of this are as such:

    Do: Role play out actions.
    Don't: Randomly go killing people.

    Do: Have a role play name. I.e. Kotaro, Kie Hall, Kahen Aizawa etc.
    Don't: Have a non role playing name OR a name from a popular media source. I.e. Naruto, xxxbleachkingxxx, WhteTa etc.

    Do: Let some attacks hit. You're not God.
    Don't: Dodge or block every attack.

    Do: Help out new players.
    Don't: Be an Elitist and talk down to anyone or refuse to acknowledge them because their grammar isn't perfect.

    Do: Role play with multiple people and actively get involved.
    Don't: Stay in small groups you know IRL or over MSN and refuse to get out of those groups.

    Do: Be all places In Character.
    Don't: Move somewhere and claim to be there 'Out of Character'.

    Optional: Have a character story.

    I. Introduction
    a. Role-playing VS Player Vs Player
    b. Using Interface
    c. Macros

    II. Stat Explanations
    a. Battle Level
    b. Constitution
    c. Reiatsu
    Reiatsu Aptitude
    d. Defense
    e. Strength
    f. Stat points

    III. Training Methods
    a. Shadow Sparring
    b. Reiatsu Training
    c. Health Training

    IV. Choosing a Race
    a. Shinigami
    b. Hollow
    c. Human
    i. Quincy
    ii. Sado
    iii. Inoue
    iv. Kanonji
    v. Kidouless

    V. Techniques
    a. Shinigami
    b. Hollow
    c. Human
    d. Quincy
    e. Sado
    f . Inoue
    g. Kanonji
    i. Kidouless

    I. Introduction

    Bleach Last Horizon is a game based on the manga/anime, "Bleach." It allows the player to escape into the Bleach induced world, and choose any path they wish. There are three main races to choose from in Bleach Last Horizon; Human, Shinigami, and Hollow. Each of stated races has their own specialized, yet balanced, skills. This is the official guide to Bleach Last Horizon; it will explain all of the basics of the game, including general information.
    a. Player Vs Player VS Role-playing Server
    Bleach Last Horizon takes this idea and goes one-step further by offering the player the full role-playing experience while giving the PvPers their own separate server to experience the game. (Not yet implemented) The player versus player server will have the straightforward rules of choosing a race and advancing through the game by training. However, the role-playing server has quite different expectations. You will be expected to create a character that will have an original NAME (must be an ACTUAL name ex. Ken, Tyson, Getsuie), with a distinctive description and an original background story. The background story can be anything your imagination desires, as long as you feel comfortable Role-playing it, it complies with the rules of the game and, of course, is not copyrighted. You will then take this character, and allow it to progress through the game by choosing a race, a position, and such. You will train this character; allow it to get stronger as it proceeds through the Bleach Last Horizon world. The training in the role-playing server will be a lot faster than that of the Player versus Player server. In addition, the stats in the role-playing server will exist as overall percentages, while those in the player versus player stats will be physical numbers. Either way, your vast story will begin from there!

    b. Using the Interface
    The interface of this game is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as the maximum convenience for the player.

    The bottom left corner situates six icons, “Options,” “Save,” “Rest,” “Reiatsu Training,” “Shadow Sparring,” and “Health Training.” Clicking “Options,” opens up a task bar with the tabs, “Option,” and “Training.” Options allow you to change general Out of Character settings such as Screen size, set macros, set player profile etc. Training locates the different types of training your character can do. Save is self-explanatory; it allows you to save your data. Rest allows your character to replenish its stats. And, Shadow sparring, Health Training, and Reiatsu training are all different training methods (See Below “Training Methods,” for further explanation.)
    Statistics are for the player versus player portion of the game. They tie in with the Role-play as being required to verb out battles after a role-play is fully initiated. Without Statistics, you would just be role-playing around, without a method of someone being “stronger,” then someone else. No fun, right? That is why Statistics are implemented. They are capped at two different certification caps. For a breakdown of statistics, please see III. Stat Explanation.
    The OOC/Say/RP window is where all the in-game communication takes place. Whether it be Out of Character or In Character, this is where you're going to be mostly looking when you are communicating with another player. OOC is an acronym for Out of Central, meaning you are communicating with players that are not in view of your screen. In the Role-play server, there is no in character communication in Out of Central. You cannot tell another player your location, stats, and such information that they cannot find out by themselves. In Say, you are communicating with the players in view of your screen. When you are talking “in character,” in the role-play server, you must saying that, YOU are. Ex. You would say LOL in brackets, (LOL), because your character would not be saying “LOL.” The role-play verb allows you to communicate your actions to other players; this is where ALL of the action takes place in a role-playing game.
    For the player’s convenience the miscellaneous information, such as log in information, deaths, announcements from Game Moderators, attacks, training information, is separate from the chat box.
    The inventory located at the top right corner states all of the objects you have, everyone starts out with the basics such as pants, shirts, gloves, and shoes. To equip, you double click on the item.
    Below the inventory is the techniques, here will be stated all of the techniques you acquire. To use a technique, you double click on it, however for your convenience, you have the option to macro the technique as well, see later.
    Finally, you will notice the two tabs at the top, one named “Options,” and the other, “Set Color.” Set Color allows you to change the color of your clothing. Options allow you to change general Out of Character settings such as Screen size, set macros, set player profile etc.

    c. MACROS –

    The purpose of macros is simple convenience of the player, instead of having to click a verb repeatedly; you can press simple keys on your keyboard instead. When you are setting up Macros, you are assigning keys on your keyboard to do tasks. For example, instead of always pressing “Rest,” you can simply press “R.” Lets break down how to set macros in simple steps.

    Step 1) Go to Options on your taskbar up above, then click “Messages”, “Client”, and “Macros.”

    Step 2) Click on “New Macro…”

    Step 3) Select a key you would like to set up as the Macro. You can do this by either entering the key into the spot where it says “KEY,” or by pressing “Find Key” and pressing the key on your keyboard that you want to set as the Macro. In this example, the player used "R."

    Step 4) Type in the Command you want that key to do. You pretty much enter the verb, or thing the thing you want to set up as a Macro into that space. Remember to replace the spaces with hyphens. Ex. You are trying to set up a Macro for Shadow Sparring, thus you type in Command, “SHADOW-SPAR-LEFT.”

    Step 5) Check mark what you option you want to use your macro as.

    ALT – By choosing this option, every time you want to use the Macro you must press ALT + Key.
    CTRL – By choosing this option, every time you want to use the Macro, you must press CTRL + Key
    SHIFT – By choosing this option, every time you want to use this Macro, you must press Shift.
    Repeat– By choosing this option, you will have to press the key you chose as the Macro itself alone. This repeats the Macro as long as you have the key pressed down. It is the most recommended Macro for this game.
    When key is released- The macro will initiate when the key you choose is released.

    Step 4) You have completed setting up your Macro. Hit OK, and you will see your macro appear in the box. Please Hit OK again to confirm your Macro.

    Step 5) Now click the map, and press the key you assigned as your Macro. If it doesn’t work, then please repeat the previous steps, or check the spelling of the command. Make sure you replaced all of the spaces with hyphens and if it is a technique, started it with the macro “.click.”

    II. Stat Explanation:
    a. Battle Level - Battle Level is the overall representation of your stats. When you are fully capped, meaning your stats cannot increase anymore, your battle level will not change. There is a medal given for 1000 levels. (Caps are based on Admin Set)

    b. Constitution- Your constitution percentage acts as your stamina/power level/health. If this percentage falls to 0%, you will be knocked out, in which condition your opponent can either choose to kill you, break an arm, break a leg, or simply leave you alone. (TIP: If you randomly cannot move, your constitution might be 0%, thus stating that you are knocked out.) The cool down on the knock out is approximately 1-3 minutes. (Caps are based on Admin Set)

    c. Reiatsu- Reiatsu is the amount of Spirit Energy that your character has. It is essentially a mana pool, and is determines how hard your reiatsu-based moves hit. This also allows you to see supernatural beings. At the beginning of the game, your Reiatsu trains by itself. When you reach 1500 reiatsu, you can now see supernatural beings, and interact with them. You will know when you reach it because you will gain a 15+ level bonus. (Caps are based on Admin Set)

    i. Reiatsu Aptitude – Aptitude is how hard your Reiatsu moves hit. If a player has a lower amount of Reiatsu Aptitude, the amount of damage dealt is less than what it can hit for. (Caps at 200%)

    d. Defense- This stat is how well your character can defend itself from physical attacks and Reiatsu attacks. It is broken up into two categories accordingly. The Strength Defense is mitigation against physical damage, and Spiritual Defense is mitigation against Reiatsu damage. (Caps are based on Admin Set)

    e. Strength- Physical strength, determines how much damage you do to your opponent. (Caps are based on Admin Set)

    f. Stat Points: Stat Points are given from killing hollows, as well as Shinigami NPCs. That is currently the only way of acquiring them, other then completing certain quests such as "Creating A Character." When you spend the stat points, they are either divided by two or two and a half into what skill you choose. ( 100 Stat points = 10 Str,Def,Etc.)

    III. Training Methods.

    There are three main ways of training, each of them pertain to a different stat.These can all be found in your "training," tab at the top,or on the buttons beside your chat window.

    a. Shadow Sparring: You can choose whether you would like to have your Shadow attack you, or defend against your attacks.
    ATTACK: When you choose this option, basically you are trying to attack your shadow.
    "Shadow Copy's Action: dodges left." You press Shadow-Left.
    "Shadow Copy's Action: no movement." You press Shadow- Middle.
    "Shadow Copy's Action: dodges right." You press Shadow- Right.
    DEFENSE: When you choose this option, you are trying to defend yourself against your Shadow's attacks.
    "Shadow Copy's Action: stabs left." You press Shadow-Left.
    "Shadow Copy's Action: charges at you." You press Shadow- Middle.
    "Shadow Copy's Action: stabs right." You Press Shadow-Right.
    NOTE: a L, a Dot, and a R will appear on your screen, press L for Shadow-Left, the Dot for Shadow-Middle and R for Shadow-Right.

    b. Reiatsu Training :
    When you first start playing this game, you do not know how to train Reiatsu, it trains by itself for you as you pass by supernatural beings. When you reach 1500 reiatsu, you can finally train it. You will know you have reached such due to the fact that you will gain a 15+ level bonus.
    Click: This is the simplest form of training reitasu. You are to click the blue ball that appears on your screen, and follow it as it moves around with your mouse.
    Arrow: This can be also called, DD-Reiatsu. Basically you are matching the arrows that appear on to your screen with the direction arrows on your keyboard. If the arrow shows North, you press the macro you have for .north. So on for all the other arrows. When you hit a wrong arrow, your training fails and you have to start all over again. (My personal favorite of the two.)

    c. Health Training: When you hit Initialize Health Training of the +HP Macro in the lower left corner of the screen, pink swords will start to fly towards you from the right. In order to get any gains from Health Training, you must dodge the sword until you are fatigued from dodging them. Each successful dodge will increase your fatigue until you reach 100%, when you have to rest again. (Caps are based on Admin Set)

    IV. Choosing a Race:

    Humans = Soul, Inoue, Sado, Hollow, Quincy, Kanonji, Kidouless Shinigami.

    Soul = Hollow, Shinigami.

    Inoue = Soul. (If Soul Chain breaks and before obtaining Souten Kasshun)

    Sado = Soul. (If Soul Chain breaks before obtaining Arm 3)

    Hollow = Soul (If Soul Chain breaks before Arrancar and if purified as Demi Hollow.)

    Shinigami = Vaizard, Soul. (5% for Vai Potential. Soul Chain breaks before Bankai)

    Breaking Soul Chain: Die repeatedly. (1% Chance)

    a. Shinigami:
    Shinigamis are described to be “death Gods,” or in other words, “Soul Reapers.” They are supernatural beings that act as enforcers and escort newly deceased souls to the after-life. Due to the fact that their bodies are composed of Spiritrons (spirit particles), they cannot be seen by normal humans. They also serve as the purpose of purifying Hollows.
    Role-playing Server: Acquire 1500 reiatsu, and get killed by an NPC. You will now appear in Soul Society, where you must find a Capitan figure (players wearing white robes), and role-play with them for Shinigami.

    b. Hollow:
    Hollows are deceased human souls that do not carry into the Soul Society for various reasons such as losing their heart to despair, or remaining in the human world for too long. Hollows are spirits that devour the souls of those living and the dead. Hollows primary shelter is Hueco Mundo, however they can cross over into the Human world, and Soul Society.
    Attainment: Acquire 1500 reiatsu and get killed once by an NPC, where you will appear as a soul in Soul Society. You must then find a hollow in Soul Society and let it kill you. You will now appear in Hueco Mundo.

    c. Human:

    i. Quincy: Quincy are a race of spiritually aware human beings who have been effected by the hollows by either surviving their attack, or losing loved ones to them. They are able to control their spiritual energy, even though they are humans and reside in the human world. Quincy’s purpose is to destroy hollows.

    Attainment: For you to become Quincy you must gain 1500 reiatsu without dying once. Then you find the Quincy Elder and talk to him to make you Quincy. In the RP server, you role-play with the Quincy Elder for Quincy, who will be a player.

    Special Human
    ii. Sado: Even unarmored, Sado’s possess an astonishing amount of strength. However, when they do have their arm, they can take on those larger then himself as well as block incoming attacks and blasts. As a Sado, you have a higher level of endurance, are able to be spiritually aware, have an inhuman amount of speed, and high spiritual power.

    Attainment: Get 1500 Reiatsu without dying once. Then find the Human Leader figure (Player Controlled) and role play with him to get given the choice. On PvP server it will be a NPC called 'Human Leader'.

    iii. Inoue: Inoue’s have various combinations of six fairies which can be used to reject fate, by undoing events in various forms. These combinations can be used for attack, defense, or healing. Inoue’s moods are also linked to the effect of her powers. For example, if she is feeling doubt or worry, it makes her powers weaker, while conviction makes them stronger.

    Attainment: Get 1500 Reiatsu without dying once. Then find the Human Leader figure (Player Controlled) and role play with him to get given the choice. On PvP server it will be a NPC called 'Human Leader'.

    iv. Kanonji: A human medium, that can interact with spirits who also have high spirit energy.

    Attainment: Get 1500 Reiatsu without dying once. Then find the Human Leader figure (Player Controlled) and role play with him to get given the choice. On PvP server it will be a NPC called 'Human Leader'.

    v. Kidouless: Kidouless Shinigami is a special type of Shinigami. They are restricted from using Kidou, and more than likely cannot use it. In the anime, Ichigo is this type of Shinigami. Attempting to become a Kidouless Shinigami does have its down side though. Attempting to become a Kidouless Shinigami does have its down side though. There is a small chance of becoming a demi-hollow due to the Shinigimification process. There is a 35% chance if you become Kidouless you will have Vaizard potential.

    Attainment: To become a Kidouless Shinigami, you must roleplay with the Urahara figure and have 1500 Reiatsu.

    a. Shinigami
    Soul Burial: When Shinigamis Soul Burial, they send wandering souls in the Human world to their respective places, Soul Society if they have lived a good life, or hell if they have lived a life full of sin.
    Requirements: You get it as soon as you become Shinigami.

    Way of Destruction #31, Shakkahou
    Requirements: Shinigami Academy Student
    Cool Down: 10 Seconds
    Description: A red ball of spiritual energy that shoots from the user’s hands.

    Way of Destruction #4, Byakurai
    Requirements: Master Shakkahou, and 1000 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 13 Seconds
    Description: User fires a powerful concentrated lightning bolt from their finger.

    Way of Destruction #33, Soukatsui
    Requirements: Master Byakurai and 2500 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 18 Seconds
    Description: A blue ball of spiritual energy that shoots out of the user’s hands, it is a more powerful version of Shakkahou.

    Way of Destruction # 63, Soren Souketsui (50% Chance)
    Requirements: Master Soukatsui and 5000 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 180 Seconds
    Description: A huge blue energy wave that gathers in the user’s hands and then shot off in a destructive blast that travels forward to annihilate opponent.

    Way of Destruction #54, Haien (50% Chance)
    Requirements: Master Souketsu, and 5000 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Description: A fire that is able to completely burn and incinerate a target with low Reiatsu.

    Way of Binding #58, Kakushitsuijaku
    Requirements: Master Sai, and 3200 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 60 Seconds
    Description: Allows you to see where every player is and get a location on them.

    Way of Binding #77, Tenteikuura
    Requirements: Master Sai and 3200 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 160 Seconds
    Description: Transmits messages to Humans and souls. (Bugged)

    Way of Binding #62, Hyappo Rankan
    Requirements: Master Kakushitsuijaku and 3500 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 120 Seconds
    Description: A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous shot rods, which are used to pin the target to the surroundings.

    Way of Binding #61, Rikujoukourou
    Requirements: Master Tenteikuura, and 3500 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 180 Seconds
    Description: A Kidou used to bind strong opponents, much stronger than the previous restraints.

    Way of Binding #1, Sai
    Requirements: Master Byakurai and 2000 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 180 Seconds
    Description: Binding either technique that causes an opponent to have difficulty moving, or paralysis for a certain amount of time.

    Way of Destruction #1, Shou
    Requirements: 75% Master Shakkahou and 1000 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 5 Seconds
    Description: A burst of a Push, moving the Character a tile away.

    Way of Destruction #4, Tenran
    Cool Down: 5 Seconds
    Requierment: 1500 Reiatsu
    Description: A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the opponent.

    Way of Destruction #88, Hiryugekizokushintenraiho
    Requirements: Master Haien and 10000 Reiatsu
    Cool Down: 60 Seconds
    Description: Fires a gigantic electricity blast of spiritual energy resulting in a truly enormous explosion.

    Shield Level: 1
    Cool Down: 60 seconds
    Description: Summons a shield of condensed Reiatsu to block an opponents’ attacks.

    Healing Kidou
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Requierment: Join Squad 4
    Description: Heals wounds

    Requirements: Level 1425
    Cool Down: 2 Second (PVP) 10 Seconds (RP)
    Description: Demon art allows a Shinigami to move their body within a certain distance at super-speed.

    Certification Level: 1, 2 = Shikai Boost.
    Requirements: Random Battle Level between 500 - 1000, 50 Soul Burials.
    Description: Shikai is an initial release of a Zanpakuto, to activate it a Shinigami must learn the name of its Zanpakuto, and a command. The command can be either an imperative verb, or a short poem, it depends on you. Once a shikai is activated, the Zanpakuto will change form to access the abilities it is capable of.

    Certification Level 3
    Requirements: Battle Level 2300 - 3200, 100 Soul Burials
    Description: To achieve this, one must be able to materialize their Zanpakuto into real world and bring it under complete subjection. Bankai takes the shikai’s ability, and amplifies it to many different levels of power. Some however, might simply increase an ability, while others will follow the sword theme.

    Types of Releases

    Byakuya Kuchiki
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 60 Seconds
    Description: Zanpakuto seperates into a thousand slender blade fragments, leaving the sword handle in the user’s hand. The blade fragments reflect light, appearing as little cherry blossom petals. (Reiatsu Boost)
    A much larger version of Chire, activation requires the user dropping their sword down, raising large blades from the ground up into the air. They can be used for both defense, and offense. (Gives Reiatsu and defense boost).

    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 7.5 Seconds
    Description: Strength and Reiatsu Boost
    Reiatsu Based
    Description: Strength and Reiatsu boost.
    Cool Down: 7.5 Seconds
    Shugesan Tenreitokra
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Description: Strength and Reiatsu boost.

    Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto
    Strength Based
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Description: (Gives Strength and small Reiatsu boost.)
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Description: Creates a wall of flame that surrounds the target, and then forms a huge contained sphere of flame to imprison enemies. (Gives strength and Reiatsu boost).
    Description: Gives Reiatsu and Strength boost

    Gin Ichimaru
    Gin Extend
    Strength And Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 7.5 Seconds
    Description: The user’s blade grows at high speed and impales their opponent from a distance. (Strength and Defense boost.)
    Description: Strength and Defense Boost

    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Getsuga Tensho
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 8 Seconds
    Description: Fires concentrated energy blast, from the tip of the blade in the shape of a crescent moon or in the shape of a wave. (Gives Strength boost, Reiatsu boost, and Attack Delay)
    Tensa Zangetsu
    Description: Gives Strength boost, Reiatsu boost, Movement Delay, and Attack Delay

    Jushiro Ukitake
    Tidal Wave
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 7.5 Seconds
    Description: Capable of firing a huge energy blast, powerful enough to negate multiple ceros. (Gives Reiatsu and Strength boost).
    Description: Gives Reiatsu and strength boost, reduces attack delay.

    Kenpachi Zaraki
    Description: Gives Strength and Defense boost, and Speed.
    Description: Gives Strength and Defense boost, and Speed.

    Kensei Muguruma
    Wind Cutter
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Description: Making slashes allows him to release transparent blades of wind to cut. Gives strength and Reiatsu boost.
    Description: Gives strength, and Reiatsu boost.

    Kisuke Urahara
    Blood Mist Shield
    Cool Down: 10 Seconds
    Description: Defensive ability forms an oval shaped “Blood mist shield,” in front of user. (Reiatsu, Defense, and Strength Boost)
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 8 Seconds
    Description: (Reiatsu, Defense, and Strength boost).
    Description: Gives Reiatsu, defense, and strength boost.

    Momo Hinamori
    Reiatsu Blast
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 7.5 Seconds
    Description: Concentration of spiritual energy into spherical energy burst capable of cratering the ground. (Gives Reiatsu and strength boost.)

    Renji Abrari
    Renji Extend
    Strength and Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 7.5 Seconds
    Description: Zanpakutou turns into a sword. (Gives strength and defense boost.)
    Description: Releases a snake skeleton, which the user can control. (Gives strength and defense boost).

    Sajin Komamura
    Strength Based
    Cool Down: 7.5 Seconds
    Description: Gives strength, and Reiatsu boost.
    Description: You summon a Giant “puppet” that essentially copies the moves that you do. Massive Strength boost, Small reiatsu boost. No Attack delay.

    Shunsui Kyoraku
    Wind Blast
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 7.5 seconds
    Description: Manipulation of wind through the swing of blades, gives Attack delay, Strength boost, and Reiatsu boost.
    Description: Gives strength and Reiatsu boost.

    Soi Fon
    Strength Based
    Description: 0 Movement delay, and attack speed.
    Cool Down: 60 Seconds
    Arm is transformed into a Large missle Pod. Missile does insane damage and becomes a 3x1 when Mastered.

    Toshiro Hitsugaya
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 12 Seconds
    Description: Creates an immense amount of spiritual power which overflows from the tip of the blade, creating a flow of ice shaped like a Chinese dragon. (Reiatsu and Defense boost.)
    Daiguren Hyorinmaru
    Description: causes ice flow from Hyorinmaru to Hitsugaya, wrapping around his body. (Gives Reiatsu, Strength, and Defense boost.)

    Tousen Kaname
    Reiatsu Based
    Cool Down: 8 Seconds
    Description: Multiple blades are forced towards the Opponent.
    Gives Strength and Reiatsu boost. Less Attack Delay.
    Shrouds the Opponent within a Black Void. User has 15 seconds to Attack Opponent before appearing.

    b. Hollow

    Requirements: Demi-Hollow
    Cool Down: 0
    Description: You devour your opponent’s soul for a small stat boost. (Right now, it is restricted to only NPCs, and demi-hollows. You can devour demi-hollow players.)

    Cool Down
    Requirements: Hollow and Certain amount of Devours
    Description: This is how hollows can form into the next stage. After a certain amount of devours and stats, you can evolve to the next stage.

    Cool Down: 60 Seconds
    Requirements: Level 1700-2500 for Natural. 1800-3500 for Regular. Certification Level 2 for Weak. Certification 3 for Strong.
    Description: Comparable to a Shinigami's Bankai, The Arrancar have also learned a way to increase their strength through a new form. Taking on one of the forms from the Anime/Manga (Currently Patros, Volcanica, Grimmjaw, Ggio, Shawlong are in the game. More planned to be added in soon.)

    Requirements: Demi Hollow
    Cool Down: 100 Seconds
    Description: Opens a portal to Soul Society/Earth/Hueco Mundo

    Weak Hollow
    Requirements: 10 Devours
    Description: The most common type of full hollow, also the weakest.

    Medium Hollow
    Requirements: Level 450 and 50 Soul Devours
    Description: Medium: The 2nd stage of a hollow. After devouring a small amount of souls, one can evolve to this stage

    Strong Hollow
    Requirements: Level 650 and 125 Soul Devours
    Description: The 3rd stage of a hollow. After devouring a decent amount of souls and honing their skills, one can evolve to this stage.

    Certification Level: 1
    Requirements: Level 855+ 175 Soul Devours
    Description: Weakest class of menos and the first stage of the Menos evolution.

    Natural Arrancar
    Requirements: Random Level between 1400 - 2500, 325/700 Soul Devours
    Description: A natural formation of Arrancar without a Hogyoku.

    Requirements: 1025, 20% Chance, 200% Satisfaction.
    Description: Middle class of Menos in term of power, and second stage in Menos evolution.

    Requirements: 15%, Level 1250+. Reach Satisfaction to 1000%, then Upgrade.
    Description: The most powerful class of Menos, and first stage of Menos evolutionary line.

    Requirements: Level 1425, Certification level 1, role-play with the Aizen figure.
    Description: A Hollow that has removed its mask and has gained Shinigami-like powers.

    Sonido (PVP)
    Requirements: Level 1750
    Cool Down: 1 Second
    Description: Moves your character forward a certain amount of spaces.

    Sonido (RP)
    Requirements: Level 1750
    Cool Down: 10 Seconds
    Description: Allows you to click on turf to move to it.

    Cool Down: 15 Seconds
    Requirements: Arrancar
    Description: An Arrancar technique that hardens the players Reiatsu and releases it like a bullet.

    Reiatsu Shower
    Cool Down: 10 Seconds
    Requirements: Strong Hollow
    Description: A mediocre amount of Reiatsu is released and sent in the direction of your opponent.

    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Requirements: Menoes+
    Description: Consists of firing a blast of concentrated energy at the target.

    Cool Down: 90 Seconds
    Requirements: Medium Hollow
    Description: Increases the attack speed of your opponent.

    Gran Rey Cero
    Cool Down: 55 Seconds
    Requirements: Adjuuca Level Arrancar
    Description: A cero fused with the user’s blood to create a cero of epic proportions.

    Black Cero
    Cool Down: 80 Seconds
    Requirements: Vasterode Level Arrancar
    Description: Cero of releases Espada, a full powered black cero.

    Types of Releases

    (Grimmjaw) Desgarron
    Cool Down: 27.5 Seconds
    Requirements Ressurection
    Description: A powerful slash is made from claws, that forms dense reiatsu aimed at the direction of the slash. (Gives strength and Massive Reiatsu boost, and speed boost.)

    (Volcanica) Fire Blast
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Requirements: Resurrection
    Description: Ability to use fire, heat is directed within user’s fists. (Gives Massive strength, Reiatsu, and speed boost.)

    (Doldornni) Giralda
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Description: User grows large horns on his shoulder and armor that start at their feet, with two more spikes around waist to come and cover face. (Gives Massive strength, small speed and small Reiatsu boost.)

    (Patros) Power Shot
    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Requirements: Resurrection
    Description: A Powerful Energy blast that is developed from the arm, just like one of Sado's blasts. (Gives Reiatsu, Massive strength, and speed boost. )

    (Shawlong) Scorpion
    Cool Down: 0
    Requirements: Resurrection
    Description: Speed and Strength Boost

    (Luppi) Tentacle
    Cool Down: 12 Seconds
    Requirements: Ressurection
    Description: Speed, Strength, And Reiatsu boost


    c. Quincy

    Activate Bow
    Cool Down: 2 minutes after Released
    Requirements: Quincy
    Description: A Reiatsu-based bow is formed in your hand.

    Shoot Arrow
    Cool Down: 2 Seconds for Regular Bow. 1 Second for Web bow.
    Requirements: Activate Bow
    Description: Pulling back on the draw string of your bow forms Reiatsu based arrows. 1x1 Non Mastered. 1x3 Mastered.

    Arrow Barrage
    Cool Down: 32.7 Seconds
    Requirements: Web Bow
    Description: A powerful burst of arrows is formed from your bow.

    Charge Shot
    Cool Down: 15 Seconds
    Requirements: Mastered Bow
    Description: The User begins to collect Reiatsu from the surrounding environment into their drawstring, forming a charged shot.

    Cool Down: 80 Seconds
    Requirements: 5 Silver tubes
    Description: Sets a trap for your opponent to walk near or over it.

    Cool Down: 30 Seconds
    Requirements: 4 Tubes
    Description: This technique creates a transparent, rectangular beam of energy from silver tubes, that slices through any opponent.

    San Rei Glove
    Cool Down: Until powers are restored
    Requirements: Certification Level 2, Certain amount of Hollow Kills, RP with Quincy Elder
    Description: The sanrei glove is a powerful Quincy artifact that can increase a Quincy's power exponentially

    Web Bow
    Cool Down: 2 Minutes after released
    Requirements: 300 Weak Hollow kills, 300 Medium Hollow Kills, 150 Hollow Kills, 15 Meno Kills, Certification level 3, and Level 2000+
    Description: An upgraded form of original bow, just allowed to draw in more Reiatsu. 1x3 Arrows.

    Silver Tubes
    Cool Down: Inventory
    Requirements: San Rei and Certification Level 2
    Description: Small liquid filled capsules that store spiritual energy, used for spell casting.

    Seele Schineder
    Cool Down: Inventory
    Requierements: Web Bow, Certification Level 3
    Description: Quincy blade as a Zanpakutou. Fires with Bow.

    d. Sado

    Activate Arm
    Cool Down: 1 Minute
    Requirements: Level 650, 50 Weak Hollow kills, 100 Medium Hollow Kills
    Description: Your arm forms into may mysterious shapes, increasing its power and granting you new move, and gives Master Blast.

    Arm Stage 2
    Cool Down: 1 Minute
    Requirements: Level 1250, 100 Weak, 200 Medium, and 250 Strong Hollow Kills, Certification Level 1
    Description: Upgraded Blast

    Arm Stage 3
    Cool Down: 1 Minute
    Requirements: Level 2000, 200 Weak, 300 Medium, 400 Strong Hollow Kills, Certification Level 2
    Description: Gives El Directo

    Arm Stage 4
    Cool Down: 1 Minute
    Requirements: Level 2600, Certification Level 3, Unknown Hollow Kills.

    e. Inoue

    Shun Shun Rikka
    Cool Down: 60 Seconds
    Requirements: Inoue
    Description: Form your six fairies!

    Koten Zanshun
    Cool Down: 15 Seconds
    Requirements: Shun Shun Rikka Activated
    Description: Inoue’s offensive techniques, summons Tsubaki who forms a thin barrier on either side of himself, cutting through enemies like sword.

    Soten Kisshun
    Cool Down: 60 Seconds
    Requirements: Activated Shun Shun Rikka
    Description: You heal your closest target, draining your Reiatsu while healing their wounds.

    Santen Kesshun
    Cool Down: 5 Seconds
    Requirements: Level 1400, Certification Level 2
    Description: Santen Kesshun is a form of shield used by Inoue- types. This blocks oncoming danger, reducing its intensity.

    f. Kanonji

    Kanon Fist
    Cool Down: 90 Seconds
    Requirements: Kanon’ji
    Description: Gives 1.4x Strength boost, more attack delay.

    Kanon Ball
    Cool Down: 5 Seconds
    Requirements: Level 200
    Description: A very slow moving ball of Reiatsu, which explodes on impact and causes a lot of damage to opponent.

    Golden Kanon Ball
    Cool Down: 10 Seconds
    Requirements: 100% Mastered Kanon ball
    Description: A golden ball of Reiatsu, similar to Kanon Ball, but moves faster and causes slightly less damage.

    Kanon Cannon
    Cool Down: 20 Seconds
    Requirements: Golden Kanon Ball Mastered
    Description: An average moving, large ball of Reiatsu that if hits causes a large explosion, and average damage.

    g. Kidouless

    Shikai: 50 Soul Burials.

    Bankai: 100 Soul Burials, 1400 - 2500 Battle level.

    Vaizard Potential: 1425 Battle level.

    Vaizard Test: 1535 Battle level.
    Requirements: Vaizard Obtainable/ RP with Urahara & Shinji
    Description: You materialize a hollow mask infront of your face, infusing your own power with that of your inner hollows

    ~Credit for Peach ANNNDDDD Colin for the original guide.~

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