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    Sing Kai

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    Post  Sing Kai on Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:14 pm

    Well so basically this guide is for the rp server.
    Part 1

    When you begin the game you do not know everything about the quincy nor the shinigami or anything like that. You don't know anything about the spiritual world. If you parents died to hollows it's fine but it doesn't necessarily mean that you know what they are and that it really was hollows who killed them.

    For example: You've lived in karakura town forever and your parents passed away six years ago of what seemed to be a car crash, there were alot of unusual things about it as large holes in the concrete which doesn't seem to add up when you think about it. Instead of jumping to the conclusion that "Omg it mush haev been hullow.." you instead could blame the police for trying to cover up some dubious plot.

    Now just because you can't see hollows/shinigami or spirits in general for that matter does it mean that you can't see the bows of the quincy or the arms that sado use. You can but you don't know what they are, you could assume that they are some sort of weapons the military are testing and so on.

    Now on to the learning of ghosts and shinigami as well as hollow's part.

    So basically you got enough spiritual force (reiatsu) to see spirits and poff you go and say "Hello mister shinigami where's your captain?" WRONG!

    Normally people would get scared/shocked/annoyed when black dressed people is running around with katanas. What are they? They are muggers, actors, madmen and any sort of explanation you could think of. You simply won't believe that they are ghosts or anything like that at first. With time they will prove it and in the mean time play your part as a human.

    Now on to hollows: They are monsters simply as that, I'm sure you guys can think of something more original.

    Ghosts: some people have harder or easier to believe in them irl therefore you should act like that, some people might believe that the things they see are ghosts, some might ignore them. The list goes on.

    Now then to summary: It's ok to have a background story where your parents were killed by hollows for example but don't know everything about them in the beginning and without being told. Don't know the names of the spirits the moment you see them.

    Part 2

    Roleplaying in general

    When you're rping with someone do not fire off kidous and punch them before they have had time to respond to your rp. You cannot simply write: "*random Name* takes out a knife from his pocket and tries to stab *random person*" and then attack him. You have to give the one you're rping with time to respond to you. This does not mean that people are allowed to stall until reinforcements arrive and things like that.

    This also applies to hellbutterflies, you do not send a message in a hellbutterfly before typing it as a roleplay, and it doesn't get destroyed by the opponent. There's a number of ways to ensure it is not seen that you are sending a message but you have to wait until the one rping with you have posted as well. Otherwise you can just secretly request reinforcements and that is wrong. This includes every form of messages you can send in BLH be they cellphones or random items.

    Ok time to talk about the whole "You killed my brother" rps I've seen in other games. First of all, you may be frantic and a psycho but this doesn't mean that you can get off cheaply by dying before you get the requirements from an easy rp. If you wanna rp like that fine, we won't stop you... however you have to do it properly, rp finding your target, stalk them for a few days create a sense of insecurity amongst those you plan to kill. But don't do it hastily, people most often don't do that Irl. They don't go to school, having no problems with anyone (and inside their head are feeling happy and loves everyone) and suddenly starts attacking. There's something making them do so, and that's what you should do as well. something must make you behave like a psycho, build up tension and let people be included in rps.

    part 3

    This will be about the whole "you're not doing they're doing in the show" and rping your releases.

    first of all this game is based on the bleach universe not the actual storyline in general. Meaning that Soul Society will exist, same with LN and Urahara shop. And also the hyougoko will exist but it doesn't mean that a shinigami will create it or that it's even made recently, it could be a orb of immense power found somewhere and corrupted anyone it came close and so on. Soul Society might be arranged differently and instead of the CC just being a man he might be a god that created the society and sent a vessel carrying his essance to that plane. The possibilities are endless. So don't complain on stupid stuff like "They didn't betray with just one captain in the show" This is not the show ok...

    Also somethings are supposed to be like the show, like captains are brave people that doesn't run from fights and that arrancars are evil.

    First of all let me explain what evil is, it's a point of view, shinigamies believe that arrancars are evil and arrancars believe that shinigami are evil because they are not like them. But in general what we mean by evil in this sense is that arrancars are not supposed to side with the shinigami (seiretei) but if a shinigami is leading HM there may be some discontent but unless the aizen figure does really stupid shit, the arrancars wouldn't rebell. Evil as in they do not have the same morals as the shinigami, where you would think that it's wrong to kill someone they would not. In this sense they don't believe they are evil but you do.

    About the not being like the show thing also makes it clear that no one cannot know everything about the seiretei unless they actually "have" gone through files of documented data. Which captains might have somewhere ( if they now want to write things down ), you cannot have read alot of books in the seiretei if you have not done so Icly, meaning that you go through the books.

    Now on to releases:

    In the past people have been afraid of rping releases slightly different from what they are verbly. Like rei sucker does nothing more than suck rei. It could for example lower the body temp, with each hit which manifests in the loss of rei. or that the shape of the blade is slightly different, it's still three blades but they could be of other colour and the hilt might look different and so on.

    Battle Rp;
    So you want to rp your release and your bankai as well while fighting which means that you stop moving and type in a fight. That is fine "if" your opponent have agreed on it before the battle begins. If not you just rp everything before the battle takes place, the release and everything or perhaps you do it after the battle. It is not essential to rp your bankai everytime but if you want to do it then go ahead. Just make sure that you and your opponent knows what is going on. And if you haven't said anything about rping your bankai release before hand and you get attacked cause of that. Don't fucking whine.

    Don't be afraid to use your imagination for your releases.

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