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    Figure Rules and Guidelines

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    Figure Rules and Guidelines Empty Figure Rules and Guidelines

    Post  Lonny Juce on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:45 pm

    Rules for -all- figures

    • Please consult with a Roleplay GM before making any story-altering decisions/actions.
    • Your roleplaying ability should be, and remain at, a very high standard.
    • If you're a major figure you should be planning ahead at all times, but also have backup plans in case things didn't go as you hoped.
    • Please consult with a Rule/Roleplay GM before stripping someone of their certification(s).
    • Do not argue with a GM's decision to overrule something that you did/plan to do.(For example. If you plan to go to Hueco Mundo for whatever reason, but a GM tells you they don't want you doing that, don't argue with that decision.)
    • Try to maintain an average speed when going about initiating your plans. This means, don't progress too fast, but don't progress too slow either. This is a hard balance to find, but do your best to at least try and get close enough.
    • You should all find times to consult with each other, as well as a Roleplay GM, about your plans for the story to in order to keep things moving smoothly and in sync. We'd like as little conflicts as possible.
    • Do your figure's job, and your figure's job alone. The Urahara should not be making Arrancar. The Aizen should not be making Vaizard. Obviously, the exception is if it has been approved by an Roleplay GM.
    • Please report any abuse/rule breaking to a Rule GM.
    • Please try and keep unreleased knowledge secret from the players.
    • Keep OOC feelings out of IC actions.
    • Don't screw around with certifications.
    • You are to remain loyal to your specific alignments. (Aizen/Shinji/Urahara are somewhat exceptions until after they betray)
    • Play your role and do the things that your rank did in the anime/manga. Such as Captains do not go to earth all the time and chill there. It just doesn't happen.

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