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    Profile Guidelines Empty Profile Guidelines

    Post  Lonny Juce on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:36 pm

    Note that this is not mandatory, but is helpful for creating your profile. Credit goes to Kotaro.

    CHARACTER PROFILES ARE BY NO MEANS MANDATORY. However, if you wish to participate in RP fights, or semi RP fights, you're going to want to type your profile out. It's also a good idea to type the profile out, so that when people read it, they know how to address your looks in their RP, if you don't define it yourself. The following is your rough template.

    Height: 175 CM (Not the compulsory height. None of the numbers are mandatory.)

    Age: 18 (Please refrain from making characters like, seven years old if you want a rank higher than Lieutenant. >_> That smacks of prodigal B.S.)

    Physical description: Kotaro is somewhat tall, with a shock of black hair and glacier blue eyes that feel compelling, despite his rash nature at times. Sitting atop his shock of messy black hair is a pair of canine ears, which are black on the outside, with silver lining the inside. Sporting a lean, athletic build that betrays his greater strength and speed, Kotaro is often misjudged in terms of power.

    Background: Filler goes here. LOTS OF FILLER. This is pretty much how your character came to be who they are. Include how they discovered powers, and what not, along with their personalities. After the filler, be sure to post special attributes such as the following.

    Due to his background in the archaic "Shinryuken-do," having mastered all six forms of highly erratic footwork, Kotaro boats a high standard of agility. Due to having fought many people of a stronger physical build than himself, when they challenged the Dojo, Kotaro also sports strength and defense far above the average, and his tenacity allows him to take serious blows without slowing down much.

    ^ Above, you'll see that in my special characteristics, I have listed reasons WHY I have those characteristics, and they match the "Tough Bastard" character template, which I have evidently chosen. Now, for Kidou and the like, you're going to have to say which are your specialties. Which you're good at, and which fail often for you. Special attacks with your Shikai will also have to be put in here, and approved or disapproved. A bad example of a special shikai move is as follows.

    "Able to summon 100 shuriken from her blade, Hikari Gasai can turn them into a wall of absolute defense, in which they can protect her from most major attacks." <-- The flaw in this being that shuriken have HOLES IN THEM, and 100 shuriken isn't enough to form together to stack behind one another and guard a big attack like Soren Soukatsui. It also opens the question of how can they control these shuriken individually and tell them to block fast, incoming attacks, such as Byakurai? All in all, yeah, that's a pretty bad thing, and sorry Zarkus, it was the perfect example of something like that. Try to avoid god-modish traits like that.

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