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    Player Leveling Suggestion. Empty Player Leveling Suggestion.

    Post  Arachnes on Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:31 am

    We got into a little debate over the leveling system, and it got extremely hectic on the game, so I decided to post it here so everyone could get out there opinions in a normal, non-spamming way that wouldn't flood the OOC box.

    My idea, that I doubt anyone will like, is for a different leveling system to stop train whoring because we all hate that guy, and I am guilty of this as well, who just sets there and trains and trains and trains for hours on end to level up fast. It beats the point of an RP server after all.

    So here, is my suggestion

    Levels 1-(Near or around)500-600. You get normal training levels and all that stuff, make it so people are good enough that they won't die to a menos in one hit, cuz that kinda gets annoying.

    500/600-700/800 - You get half the stats and levels and stuff, make it so you can still train whore a bit, but you need to RP as well if you want to level up at a decent speed.

    900-1200(Ish) - You get almost no experience or stats from this way of training. You MUST RP to gain levels at any decent rate. This is where most of the problems would come up, so I devised a new plan for it. This also makes it so you MUST RP for shikai and bankai and can't train whore for it, since most shikai are achieved in the thousands.

    Give admins/staff/whoever sees all these the option to mute their RP watching and then, if someone around you who reads your RP thinks it is good enough or worthy enough to get admin bonuses, or if it's just generally a fun read and is not overly descriptive or underly descriptive, then players can send a message to Admins for any free admin to read the RP. Now, Admins would have to choose, in secret, who they wanted to tell them that there is a good RP being made/typed/entered/etc.. so that players don't simply stay around one set of players and RP. This does 2 benefits, admin's don't have to read walls all the time, they would need to go through the qualifier then the admin, and the players wouldn't need to type walls constantly to make and admin see it.

    This is my idea, pleaseee give feedback, point out flaws, etc.. but don't just type "That idea blows" and then give no reason, state why you think how you do.

    Yes, I know we just had a wipe and this would require a new wipe so that you could put in the admin button, so it would probably be best to save it for next wipe.

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