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    Post  Lonny Juce on Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:57 pm

    Q: How do I see hollows/souls?
    A: Get 1500 reiryoku.

    Q: How do the stats and training in this game work?
    A: You train by using Health Training, Reiatsu Training, Shadow Sparring, or Team Training, to level up your individual statistics. For each level of that stat, the statistic itself will increase by an amount that depends on your type of character (Such as Fighter, Monk, Tough Bastard, etc.) This means that the levels itself are NOT your stats, and actually mean nothing. Two people with the same stat levels can have completely different values in that statistic so there is no point in comparing levels. When people tell you you need 1500 reiryoku, or that the soft cap is 10k, they mean the statistic value, NOT the level.

    Q: What is the difference between the types of training?
    A: Health training levels up your Health also known as Constitution, obviously. Reiatsu training levels up your Reiryoku, Reiryoku Aptitude and Reiryoku Defense or Spiritual Defense. Shadow Sparring and Team Training both levels up Health/Constitution, Physical Power also known as Strength and Physical Defense.

    Q: How can I tell what my stats are?
    A: You don't, this is a role playing game and as such the game play is supposed to be similar to reality. In reality, you don't have stats.

    Q: What are certifications (certs) and how do I get one?
    A: You don't need to worry about them, or worry about getting any of them. They are just certifications that you know how to role play and can do so well, or without causing any trouble, at least. Without certifications certain skills (higher leveled ones) are unusable.

    Q: What are the caps, or when can I tell when I am capped?
    A: There are no hard stat caps, only soft stat caps which are set by admins. There is only a hard cap on your battle level which is at level 5000 (Rarely does anyone reach this.)

    Q: How do I get shinigami?
    A: Die as a human, to become a soul, and then role play with a Captain. You can also become a Kidouless Shinigami (Also known as a Substitute Soul Reaper) by role playing with the Urahara Figure [later in the game].

    Q: Who is the captain, and where are they?
    A: You have to find out who they are and where they're at yourself (Shouldn't be too hard since they have Captain's jackets on).

    Q: How do I go to earth as a shinigami?
    A: As with most Shinigami actions, you need to role play with a Captain. In this case, to get a hell butterfly and permission, or possibly a mission.

    Q: How do I get shikai?
    A: Your shikai is a random level between 200-1000. The amount of Soul Burials you need is the level divided by 10. Example: If your level is 670, you need 67 soul burials.

    Q: How do I become a hollow?
    A: Die as a human to become a soul, but then get devoured (Killed) by a hollow.

    Q: How many devours do I need for -insert evolution here-?
    A: Weak Hollow = 10 Devours. Medium Hollow = 50 Devours. Strong Hollow = 125 Devours. Gillian = 175 Devours.

    Q: How do I evolve further than Gillian?
    A: Not all hollows can go farther than Gillian, but if you can you need to raise your satisfaction to do so and then evolve. To raise satisfaction you must weak humans, shinigamis or hollows to below 75% health and then use devour. Once you're evolved to adjuuca or vasterode you'll need to keep your satisfaction up or you'll devolve and be permanently stuck at that level.

    Q: How do I become a(n) [Natural] Arrancar?
    A: To become a regular Arrancar you'll need to role play with the Aizen figure and use the Hougyoku gem to evolve. To become an arrancar [naturally] without the Aizen figure there is only a chance. The chance is present within Level 1400-2500 and you'll need to use the "pull-off-mask" command in the command bar.

    Q: How do I become a Vaizard?
    A: One of two ways. One, any regular shinigami has a 5% chance of having vaizard potential (also known as an inner hollow). Two, all kidouless shinigami have a 45% chance of having vaizard potential. If you have potential, at around level 1425 you'll lose potential anywhere from 5-15 knock outs (you must get knocked out). To actually become a vaizard once you have the potential requires role playing with the Shinji Figure.

    Q: How do I become a Quincy?
    A: Find and role play with the Quincy Elder Figure.

    Q: How do I become a Sado/Inoue/Kanonji?
    A: Find and role play with the Human Leader (Pope/President) Figure.

    Possibly more to be added later.

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