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    Post  Ocosu on Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:20 am

    In-Game Name:Ocosu
    BYOND Key Name:Ocosu
    Date of Application:10-5-09
    Current Age:16

    How long you've played BLH:Played for about 1 month when the RP server was first released, got busy and had to quit, then recently came back to almost make two weeks. :3

    What position do you want: Enforcer

    Why do you want said position: Well cutting out all the B.S. and just getting right to the point...Because I would like to help out if you thought of giving me a chance. =D

    Do you have any prior experience, if so where and for how long:Lets see....NO! =D Expect on a few DBZ finale P servers....But since they are private servers, who the hell really knows what really happens in those.. xD

    Other Information (You are encouraged not to leave this blank):Well I'm personally a really fair person...I can take a joke....I'll never assume someone is lying or telling the truth just because of past encounters....I don't take shit up the ass if someone is giving their opinion on me...Hell, I'll even agree with them if they are, I'm on a decent amount of time each day, I'm not lazy, and I have two belly buttons....Who doesn't want to say they have a guy with two belly buttons on their staff? :3

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