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    Post  kenpatchi on Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:09 am

    In-Game Name: Kenpatchi

    BYOND Key:Kenpatchi

    Time/Date of Ban:18th october (roughly in the evening GMT time)
    Who banned you:I didn't know

    Reason for being banned: I was banned for an improper use of name "kenpatchi"

    Legitimate reasoning why you should be unbanned:

    I am truely sorry to have used this name, i looked at the rules, and saw role playing game, i then thought i would name my character after a bleach one, i used the OCC to ask "how do i become a hollow" and i got the reply "By having a better name, fucking retarded whore." This was my first Byond game i've ever played, and thought he was just being rude, so i went and trained for hours, till i was randomly banned, i didnt receive any warnings or i would have changed my account immideatly, i thoruoughly enjoyed this game and hope to become apart of your community.

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