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    um yes i was banned

    brian mc

    um yes i was banned Empty um yes i was banned

    Post  brian mc on Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:29 am

    In-Game Name: this game sucks
    BYOND Key: bladethe1
    Time/Date of Ban: i dont remember
    Who banned you: i dunno delueze or whatever hes called
    Reason for being banned: (Saying you were banned for no reason will result in your topic being locked or deleted.)i dunno you tell me
    Legitimate reasoning why you should be unbanned: because i done nothing
    Additional Comments: (If needed.) this game sucks and brian mcintyre is a faggot. he can't do anything in life and is also a failure. his parents disowned him when he was five because all he wanted for his birthday were high heel shoes.

    he also said he'd quit but hes still playing

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