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    Post  Saisuke on Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:27 am

    In-Game Name:Saisuke/Seikou
    BYOND Key Name:Zekeiel
    Date of Application: October 4th
    Current Age: 19
    How long you've played BLH: A year, roughly
    What position do you want: Enforcer
    Why do you want said position: I'm online frequently (Roughly 10-11+ Hours a day), . I can easily take orders, and know most if not all of the rules for BLH Already. I have a good relationship with the current staff, and think I could only help, rather than hurt.
    Do you have any prior experience, if so where and for how long: Not much experience, I was GM before as a joke, but in that time I enforced the rules to the best of my ability, before the joke was over. Either way, everyone has to start somewhere.
    Other Information (You are encouraged not to leave this blank):
    I like this game. Obviously, I've enjoyed playing it as long as I have and intend to stay. I've even talked Colin out of leaving a few times, I think, or helping him to stay, and I don't really see how I could hurt the game. So in that sense, I'm finally willing to help. I think some of the GM's already know that. Also, I learn pretty fast, so whatever's difficult to pick up, I could probably handle it with ease. Plus it's not bad to have an active GM on standby most if not all the time.

    *New*Also in recent Development, I've noticed that many of the players ask me for help anyway. I also, when no Mods are online, ask players who make with non-rp appropriate names, to remake since that's all that I can do. I try to help everyone as much as I can without Mod verbs, with them, it would only help the situation. Taking less stress off the other Mods and Admins.

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