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    Aryanna's Enforcer Application


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    Aryanna's Enforcer Application Empty Aryanna's Enforcer Application

    Post  Aryanna on Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:17 am

    In-Game Name:Alia Nin'Das.
    BYOND Key Name:Aryanna.
    Date of Application:Sunday, Oct 4, 2009.
    Current Age:16.
    How long you've played BLH:Since Alpha PvP.
    What position do you want: Enforcer
    Why do you want said position:I want Enforcer because I know for a fact I'm good at it, it's something I'm used to being really. I notice at certain times of the morn, the staff count is zero, I just want to help out a bit.
    Do you have any prior experience, if so where and for how long:Finale for three years, Charmed Rebirth of Magic for two years, Charmed Online, for one year. Dragonball Generations {still admin, not up to a year yet, it's new.}
    Other Information (You are encouraged not to leave this blank): Very Happy

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