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    Jumpy's Application Empty Jumpy's Application

    Post  Jumpy on Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:07 am

    In-Game Name : Bouncy/Jumpy McGee
    BYOND Key Name : Bobbe/Bobbe2
    Date of Application : 04/10/09
    Current Age : 15
    How long you've played BLH : Erm... Since like... May, I think...
    What position do you want: Enforcer
    Why do you want said position : Because I can do simple tasks like changing name and prevent godmodding in RPs, also because I'm on the game most of the time and that could help the game if there's no one on or if everyone is AFK.
    Do you have any prior experience, if so where and for how long : We couldn't really say that, Lol.
    Other Information : I'm gay, I'm evil, I'm over 9000, I'm... Jumpy.

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