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    BLH's funniest moments

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    BLH's funniest moments Empty BLH's funniest moments

    Post  Zarkus Syuren on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:11 pm

    Because someone had to do it.

    {Lieutenant}-Kotaro Aizawa: Zarkus, you didn't tell 'er yet, did'ja?
    {Captain}-Zarkus Syuren: Holdon, m convincing this soul that Im a mindless statue
    {Squad 10 Member}-Aikari Tsuchimaru: That you've finally come out of the closet? Oh no I didn't.
    {Lieutenant}-Kotaro Aizawa: You oughtta know I'm not gay. Hah.
    {Captain}-Zarkus Syuren: You're not gay? Shit, Enrique is gonna be disappointed
    {Lieutenant}-Kotaro Aizawa: ...


    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: You're dead.
    {View}-Kanji says: You're Funny no Seroiusly.
    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: You're dead.
    {View}-Kanji says: No....I'm must be dreaming..
    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: Nope
    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: Dead
    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: Very very dead
    {View}-Kanji says: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: He's dead too


    {View}-Animus Vorago says: Hah! Don't you understand you fool? I've surpassed your power. I've been watching in the shadows seeing you get yourself almost killed. If you can't manage to win a fight without almost dying, then you aren't fit to have your body, so i'm going to take it away from you!
    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: Good luck, I'll just use my Shikai to defeat you.
    {View}-Animus Vorago says: Fool...I'll show you what true power is!
    {View}-Animus Vorago says: Paralyze the mind, Animus Vorago!
    {View}-Zarkus Syuren says: Fuck you, I have a pink shirt

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